Reserve System

Land acquisition, restoration, and protection will create a Reserve System of an estimated 46,900 acres that accomplishes the following:

  • Acquires and permanently protects an estimated 33,600 acres of land for the benefit of covered species, natural communities, biological diversity, and ecosystem function.
  • Incorporates about 13,300 acres of existing open space areas and enhances the long-term management and monitoring on those lands within the Reserve System.
  • Protects 100 miles of streams
  • Restores up to 500 acres of riparian woodland and scrub, wetlands, and ponds and up to 10.4 miles of streams to offset losses and contribute to species recovery
  • Provides management and monitoring of habitats on protected lands to enhance populations of covered species and maintain ecosystem processes.
  • Preserves major local and regional connections between key habitat areas and between existing protected areas.
Reserve Map September 2023