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No. 2014-01

Early Payment of Mitigation Fees Policy

The early payment of mitigation fees policy allows public and private applicants to pay mitigation fees prior to issuance of a building permit, grading permit or other discretionary action required by a Joint Powers Agreement Partner. 

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No. 2014-02 Voluntary Fee Payments Policy The voluntary fee payments policy allows for applicable public and private entity projects to provide fees to the Habitat Plan to accommodate unique development project situations. Click Here
No. 2014-03

Pre-Habitat Plan Projects Impacting Burrowing Owls Policy

The responsibilities of public or private entities to avoid, minimize, and mitigate impacts on western burrowing owl for pre–Habitat Plan and pipeline projects are dictated by the CEQA documents certified for those projects. Both pre–Habitat Plan and pipeline projects are not subject to the provisions of the Habitat Plan; however, it is recommended that they be consistent with Condition 15 (Western Burrowing Owl) of the Habitat Plan. 

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No. 2014-04

Advance Notification for Plant Impacts Policy

Project proponents will notify the Habitat Agency of pending covered plant occurrence impacts prior to submitting their final Habitat Plan application or reporting package to ensure sufficient take coverage is available for the proposed impacts.

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Multi-phase Project Burrowing Owl Fee Policy

A multi-phase project may have one or more phases within the Burrowing Owl Fee Zone. When seeking coverage, a project proponent is required to document which phases will be located within the Burrowing Owl Fee Zone.

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No-2019-07 Mitigation Only Policy Projects that are proposed within the Habitat Plan Permit area but are exempt from the Habitat Plan may request coverage through a Mitigation Only Agreement with the Habitat Agency, subject to approval by the Wildlife Agencies. Click Here