What projects and activities are not covered by the Habitat Plan?
Numerous projects and activities cannot seek coverage under the Habitat Plan. These include:
  • Private sector activities that do not obtain a development, grading, building, or other construction permit
  • City of Gilroy expansion beyond the Habitat Plan’s limit of urban growth
  • Bay Area to Central Valley high-speed train
  • New highway between Interstate 5 and U.S. 101
  • Routine and ongoing agricultural activities that are not assessed through a permit process
  • Expansion of cultivated agriculture into natural lands that is not assessed through a permit process
  • Vineyard development that is not assessed through a permit process
  • Timber harvest operations
  • Quarries and other mining other than expansion of Freeman Quarry
  • New and expanded landfills other than Kirby Canyon, Pacheco Pass Landfill expansions, and landfills occurring inside the planning limits of urban growth of the three cities
  • Mercury removal/remediation that is not incidental to other covered activities
  • Corps led projects where the Corps is responsible for implementation of avoidance and minimization measures
  • Pacheco Dam reconstruction and reservoir enlargement
  • Pesticide/herbicide application (excluded from the federal permit only)
  • Installation and operation of private groundwater wells
  • Increased development due to incorporation of San Martin
  • Dam removal and/or construction of new dams
  • Wind farm development
  • Water importation from outside the SCVWD service area
  • Emergency activities not defined as a Changed Circumstance in the Habitat Plan

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