How long is the Habitat Plan in effect?
The Habitat Plan permit term is 50 years, although lands conserved under the Habitat Plan will be permanently protected. This Reserve System will protect an estimated 46,920 acres for the benefit of covered species, natural communities, biological diversity, and ecosystem function.

Management of the Reserve System in perpetuity will be ensured through the conservation easement or title record. While managed in perpetuity, all land acquisitions for the Reserve System will be acquired by year 45 of the permit term. In addition, the Habitat Plan will create an endowment during the permit term to fund all needed implementation after the permit term. An endowment of $90 million in current dollars is needed to generate average annual real returns of $3.5 million to fund post-permit term management and monitoring of the Reserve System.

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10. How long is the Habitat Plan in effect?
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